Monday, January 22, 2018

Cute Panda Macarons Delicious Treats Dessert Table Singapore #PandaMacarons #MacaronAnimaltheme

A litle bliss in every bite!

We love all our macarons like this, cute Panda theme delicious vanilla macarons perfect for dessert table parties.

Colorful Rainbow Korean Piping Flower and Macarons Birthday Cake Singapore #KorenPipingCake #RainbowMacaronCake

Beautiful design. Exceptional taste.

That is what our objective, we create this beautiful rainbow Korean piping with colorful flowers and macarons for a very distinct sugar handcrafted. We only give the best effort with our creations, we spent a lot of time to perfect this birthday cake. 

Longevity Peach Theme Birthday Cake Singapore

One of the our famous Longevity Peach theme cake that bring happiness and long life of the 

celebrants. With a nice pink flowers and peach design that gives more tasteful with the cake.

Longevity Cake for a very special lady! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram SensationalCakes CakeInspiration or visit our online shop

Princess Blue Carriage Theme 3D Cake Singapore

Feel the princess in you with this Blue Carriage theme 3D cake. With pearly necklace and gold pendant that is made of fondant cake truly is a fairytale come true.

Clash of Clans Theme Boy Birthday 3D Detail Cake Singapore #ClashofClans3DCake

All effort and hard work we give in every masterpiece we do!

It is very obvious that this cake is one of a kind 3D fondant cake you see, all 3D figurines are sugar 

handcrafted made with creativity like the real characters in the game. Very distinct and passionate, 

that's what we do.

Amelia Earheart Theme Inspired 3D Cake Singapore

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.
- Amelia Earheart

A very unique 3D theme fondant cake, designed inspired by Amelia Earhart the first female aviator 

to fly solo. The design and travel feel surely makes Amelia 1st Birthday very memorable.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Gender Baby Reveal with Pink and Blue Pastel Ribbon Dots and Baby Bottle Theme 3D Cake Sngapore #GenderReveal3DCake

Is it a boy or a girl? We also want to share our delicious and beautiful Gender Reveal Baby Theme

3D fondant cake to you. We make cakes in any occasions you want, we can make it artistic and very

much wonderful.

Pastel Girl Birthday Theme Cake Singapore

Super cute birthday cake! Colorful and pastel theme cake for Kerissa special day.

Pokemon Theme Kiddie Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Pokemon3DCake #PokemonKiddieTheme

Who else want a Pokemon theme for birthdays? 

Yes, you can have a delicious 3D fondant cake with a cute characters like these. For any gender and

 age, you can have a fantastic cake like Pokemon theme cake we did!

Pokemon Inspired Theme 3D Boy Birthday Cake Singapore

POKEMON!! Gonna catch them all!

Be inspired with this Pokemon inspired 3D fondant cake, perfect for any boy's birthday.

Korean Floral Piping Sugar Lace with Puppy Theme 3D Cake Singapore #KoreanFloralPipingCake #ElegantSugarLaceCake

What a lovely cake on Korean Piping and Sugar Lace theme is! Adding the puppy is a very cute 

combination. Looking closely to the very artistic handcrafted figurine to the very distinct sugar lace

 made the fondant cake an elegant element to enjoy with loveones.

Black & White with Gold Theme 3D Cake Singapore

Super classy and timeless cake color combination!

Perfect 3D birthday cake theme for every man who loves classy things.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! #CakeinspirationCNY2018 #CNYGoodies

恭喜发财! Gōngxǐ fācái!

New year is coming!

This year of the Brown Earth Dog is going to be a good year in all respects. In celebration of Chinese New Year, our gourmet chef specially prepared these cakes and pastries to be part of the celebration.

Selected the best of the ingredients from a fusion of east meets west pastry concepts. The collection includes:

Special HOUSE FULL OF GOLD All-in-One combo set for party celebration. All CNY products in one!

Croquembouche Tower x 1 (chocolate or durian flavors)
Heavenly Delight Korean Flower D24 Durian Cake x 1 (8 inch round)
Prosperity Orange Pomegranate Buttercake x 1 (8 inch round)
Premium D24 Durian Roll x 1
Premium Yam Roll x 1
Matcha and Red Bean Roll x1
Mini Cheesecake x 12 (6 assorted flavors)
Petitclairs x 12 (6 assorted flavors)
Mini Vegetable Quiche x 12 (6 assorted flavors)

You may also like these combos:


Another item included is the famous Croquembouche tower comes in two different colors and flavors.

This tower has a sugar-crafted cute puppy figurine and oranges on the side.

If you are looking for classic yet new taste this new year, check out our cakes especially created for the celebration.

We also included some tasty bites with a French twist. You can choose from cheesecake, petitclairs, and quiches. All comes with a set of 2, set of 3, and set of 4 of six flavors! These French delights starts from $23 only!

Last but not the least included on the collection is the soft roll cakes. Three flavors available for you. We have D24 Durian, Yam, and Green Tea & Red Bean.

Don't forget to check out gourmet line cakes. The best D24 and Mao Shan Wang durian cakes and bird nest cake in town you can only get from us. With all these for you because we want to make sure that everyone will surely celebrate this new year with a bang. Visit us at Cakeinspiration and order now!

Cakeinspiration management team and all our staff wish you a prosperous and blessed Chinese New Year and ahead. May the year of the dog brings new opportunities, breakthroughs, peach and happiness for everyone.

Happiness and prosperity to all of you! Huat Tah!!!

Colorful Kiddie Playful Shopkins Theme Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Shopkins3DCake #ColorfulKiddieShopkins #3DCakeSingapore

We are so happy to capture all the happiness and artistry. This is our masterpiece that put a lot of effort from our chef after the fondant cake is formed in shape the assembly and decoration to create the very detail 3D figurine. The donut sprinkle and other characters are so realistic. One of our expertise that gives a lot of happiness and joy to everyone.

Patek Philippe Inspired Theme 3D Cake Singapore

What a nice watch! Would you love to get one for yourself? This nice fondant cake is inspired on 

Patek Philippe watch theme 3D cake which is so lovely and very much in details.

Toy Stories Woody Costume Inspired Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #ToyStoriesCake #WoodyToyStories3DCake

Wonderful piece of art, a very detailed handcrafted Toy Story inspired 3D cake for perfection. All

Woody costume are edible sugar even the letters, button, belt the ribbon. What a great cake for boy

birthday celebration.

Jacuzzi With Friends Theme Cake Singapore

Looks like Tay and Tim are having a lot of fun! LOL! 

Jacuzzi with friends theme 3D cake they both enjoyed in their birthday.

Formula 1 Race Car on Race Track Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #RaceCar3DCake #RaceTrackFondantCake

Excellent Race Car inspired theme cake! 

With all our hard work we pour in every specialized cake we do, the checkered pattern was made
with a lot of effort and creativity. Car is purely handcrafted fondant design. We make it special for every client we serve!

Gundam Robot Theme Inspired Cupcakes Singapore

This Gundam robot theme cupcakes will truly send you to the most loved robot of all time.

Sugar crafted Gundam action figurines in the top of chocolate cupcakes perfect for boys who love this action robots.

Friday, January 19, 2018

My Little Pony Unicorn Rainbow Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #MyLittlePonyCake #RainbowUnicornTheme

This is an amazing customized cake, rainbow pastel and irresistible for all little princesses who wants

 to celebrate their rainbow unicorn theme parties. Made with colorful rainbow and floral pastel 

handcrafted designs fondant cake carefully designed by our artistic chef.

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